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    Promotion codes and shopping coupons! Well what is the difference between them, they sound very similar right.

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    Codes and Shopping Coupons

    The similarities that Promo codes and shopping coupons possess are some of the basic purpose and category under which they belong to, like Both of them solve the basic purpose of saving while shopping.

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 But yes after all the similarities they possess they stand out as two different elements. Though the basic purpose of coupons and codes are to save money while shopping, there still exists a difference and one needs to know the factors that differentiate them from each other.  With virtual couponing gaining momentum the concept of physical coupons are slowly vanishing out of the scene and the differences too are fading away.  To understand them better let us get to know about the similarities and dissimilarities between them in detail.

Similarities between Promo Codes and Shopping Coupons:

Both of them come in different types of offers based on total sales or per product basis.  Both of them are used as a marketing strategy to promote brands and increase sales.

Dissimilarities between promo codes and shopping coupons:

When speaking about the differences there are physical differences and the difference that they possess in terms of usage. Some of the physical differences include: Shopping coupons needs to be printed whereas discount codes are those that go the green way. They are just virtual and do not require to be taken a print, just copy paste or typing in the particular code in the specified area is suffice to use them. Hence discount codes are known to be an eco-friendly option.

No fear of loosing the promo codes since they are virtual unlike the shopping coupons that have to be taken care of and maintained safely.  The organizational pattern of the shopping coupons needs a lot of time, where one categorically arranges the coupons according to the products and the expiry dates. Whereas with promo codes, you can just find them online when needed and use them, thereby reducing the time required to organize ad then search tem for using at the appropriate place. Promo codes are easy to find and can be found comfortably by just browsing the net. Whereas one has to do a lot of searching work to find shopping coupons from various sources, hopping from magazines to circulars to mailers.

You can actually find a discount code that suits you at any point of time, since they are readily available anytime on the Internet. You need not keep finding your coupon from the massive bundle that you are maintaining like in case of a shopping coupon. The wide availability of promo codes also pose a serious threat to the shoppers. Once the shoppers find promo codes easily and readily available over the Internet they tend to shop more than required. Whereas with coupon codes, your options for shopping is limited and hence you shop only what you really need. Visit https://7coupons.in/store/myntra/ for more details.

The very appearance of a promo code is quite dull when compared to a shopping coupon, Shopping coupons are printed in vibrant colours with appealing pictures and this stimulates one to grab them and use them. Whereas coupon codes just serve the purpose and do not appear as splashy as shopping coupons. Promo codes can be easily shared since they are in a format that can be shared with your friends on the social media. This builds community sharing whereas with shopping coupons there is no possibility of sharing coupons.

With the increasing trend of online shopping and mobile shopping, shopping coupons have in fact faded away and promo codes have started to gear head the market. The ease in use and the fact that is eco-friendly and time saving has all together lead the concept of online shopping and promo codes to great success. To sum up coupons codes and promo have the same functionality, while shopping coupons are widely used in direct store shopping, coupon codes are designed in such a way that it could be used in online shopping. Some coupons are also available virtually that could be taken a print of to use in direct shopping too. Whatever is the form, discounts and offers are factors that each and every shopper would love to be offered and they are never late in grabbing some of the best offers around them.


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    Promo Codes

    When speaking about the differences there are physical differences and the difference that they possess in terms of usage. Some of the physical differences include:

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    Discount codes

    The impact of shopping coupon and discount codes have gone so deep and intense that they have become an essential component

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